Making Life Better for Everyone, Everywhere. 

Manufacturing products with integrity. 
Meeting customers needs would not be possible without a dynamic, sustainable, and resilient supply chain. Hundreds of production suppliers, thousands of non-production suppliers, and workers around the world bring HP’s diverse and vast product line to life. 
With operations in 170 countries, HP is one of the biggest global organisations on the planet, and with that comes a responsibility. 
HP recognises and embraces the opportunity and responsibility to address some of the greatest shared challenges facing society today, including resource scarcity, the shift to cleaner energy, access to quality education and economic opportunity, human rights protection throughout the supply chain, and data security and privacy. 
Sustainability is a powerful force for innovation. It drives progress towards business priorities, from designing and delivering core products and services, to developing new business models and solutions that generate growth.  
It also helps to unlock value and shape the future through breakthrough technologies such as 3D printing. 
Every 60 seconds, HP delivers 102 PCs, 63 printers, and 983 consumables to customers all over the world. 
Their holistic approach to sustainability covers a broad range of issues across three pillars: 
Environment: They are reinventing how products are designed, manufactured, used, and recovered as the business model shifts towards a circular and low carbon economy. Working with supply chain partners and others, HP are reducing the environmental impact of other products and services at every stage of the value chain. They have invested heavily in research and development to help customers stay ahead of what’s next, and enable them to seize new opportunities while advancing their own sustainability priorities. Through industry-leading repair, reuse, and recycling programs, and our product-as-a-service business models, HP aim to keep products and materials in circulation for as long as possible, while driving further closed loop innovations. 
Society: They are using technology, innovation, and scale to create a more just and inclusive society. Throughout the supply chain, they empower workers and ensure protections for the people who make their products. 
They are deeply committed to their employees, who are central to the company’s success, and dedicated to fostering a diverse, welcoming, and collaborative company and industry. Working with business and nonprofit partners, they deploy their technology, capital, and resources to advance quality learning and digital inclusion, meeting people where they are and taking them where they want to go. 
Integrity: HP is committed to always acting with integrity, fairness, and accountability, which are fundamental to an inclusive society and a thriving business. They are uncompromising in their expectations of ethical behaviour from their employees, partners, and suppliers. They have structures, programs, and processes to safeguard human rights across the whole value chain. Through robust policies, protocols, and controls, They secure the privacy of their customers and employees. This commitment to responsible corporate citizenship ensures that HP is a trusted partner to their customers and all of their stakeholders. 
Save energy with every print

Meet your organisation’s sustainability goals 

Use fewer resources and generate less waste in the office. Up to 55% smaller - Reduce the carbon footprint of printing by more than half. Replacing just one of HP’s previous generation of printers with an HP OfficeJet Pro X saves the carbon equivalent of 50 gallons of gas or 1,067 miles of driving. 

Reduce waste from printing supplies and packaging 

Count on higher-capacity cartridges, lower ink volumes, and longer-life consumables with HP PageWide Technology. Generate up to 94% less supplies and packaging waste than comparable lasers. HP PageWide Technology keeps up to 51 pounds of waste out of traditional waste streams each year when compared with laser competitors. 

Responsibly recycle HP electronics and supplies 

Through Design for Environment (DfE), we create products that are easier to reuse and recycle. Recycling at HP 3.36 billion pounds of computer hardware recovered for reuse or recycling since 1987. If all the HP ink and LaserJet toner cartridges that customers recycled through HP Planet Partners were laid end to end along the equator, they would circle the Earth 2.3 times. 
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