Who We Are 

Kudos Technology Ltd are very proud to be one of a very few dedicated HP Premier Partners for MPS (Managed Print Services). 
We are based in the middle of the country ideally located between Nottingham, Derby and Leicester in the East Midlands. However, we do offer a Nationwide service coverage via HP’s UK service engineer network. These are the same HP engineers that service their largest customers. 

Market Trends 

The way that organisations source and pay for technology has changed quite significantly in recent years, with a big shift from transactional purchasing of Hardware, Consumables, Software Licences and service support, to a contractual, subscription, service that incorporates all of the above into an easy monthly or quarterly contract. 
Historically many companies have preferred to purchase some equipment outright, particularly printers, and then sweat the asset for as long as possible, believing that this is the most economical solution. 
However, it is now recognised that there are some big drawbacks to this strategy, as follows: 
Assets are kept beyond their useful life because there isn't a budget to replace them 
Aged devices become less reliable and less productive 
They cost more to update/maintain 
Older equipment can be considerably more vulnerable to Security breaches 
The cost of professional secure asset disposal can be high 

What we do 

As an HP Premier Partner for Managed Print Services we have access to the same Products, Solutions and more importantly, Pricing, that is usually only available to larger Corporate and Public Sector clients. 
We then offer these solutions along with our expertise on the unique proposition that HP has in the market to SME’s who might otherwise struggle to get access to these products and support. 
Foe further details on our services, please click the link below. 

What is a Managed Print Service? 

MPS is a comprehensive suite of hardware, supplies, software and services delivered wrapped into a simple contract.  
Managed Print Services (MPS)

The company mission is a simple one. 

"To provide SME businesses with the same tools, solutions and customer experience that HP supply to their large corporate and public sector customers, at heavily discounted prices". 

Our Attitude to Business 


At the heart of the Kudos philosophy is team work and partnership, whether it is with our customers, colleagues or suppliers. And we believe that for this to be truly effective there needs to be good, proactive and honest communication. 
We believe in creating value for our customers, our experience over many years have given us a knowledge, insight and creative ideas that are invaluable to prospective clients, even if they take that knowledge and never buy from us. This is one of the keys to differentiating us from the competition. 
We also believe in putting the customers interest at the heart of everything that we do. 
A3 Colour Photocopier Leicester


Too many organisations these days mislead customers with headline prices and then use small print and contractual clauses to increase their margins. We believe that this is wrong. 
You can be guaranteed that we will act with the highest level of integrity, so that you can trust our advice. It’s an old cliché, but we believe that 
“We should treat others the way that we would like to be treated”. 
Corporate & Social Responsibilities

Corporate & Social Responsibilities 

It has become very fashionable in recent times for companies to promote their Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials, but this philosophy is embedded in the HP DNA from the very early days when Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard set up their business in this garage (pictured on the left) on Addison Avenue, Palo Alto in 1939. 
They both agreed and recognised the importance of being 'A Good Corporate Citizen' and had a very strong belief in being fair and equitable in all of their business dealings. This philosophy is as evident at HP today as it was back then, and as an HP Premier Partner Kudos are proud to be 100% aligned to the HP business philosophy and ethics. 
Multifunction Leicester

me&dee charity 

Kudos are proud to be associated with, and support, the me&dee charity based in Derby. 
The charity was started in 2006 by the amazing Marie Hanson MBE, to create special memories for families who have a family member of any age with a life threatening, life shortening or terminal condition. To date, they have helped more than 2,000, families that are facing uncertain futures, by creating precious memorable experiences. 


HP introduced Kudos to Kiva and we are pleased to be able to support them with this great initiative. 
Kiva is an international non-profit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. This fantastic project celebrates and supports people who are looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. 

Why Kudos? 

We have three decades of experience in the MPS market. And over that time have worked, in some shape or form, with most of the key manufacturers in this specialisation, but most notably with Xerox, Ricoh Lexmark and HP. 
There were many options open to Kudos when the business was formed, but unlike almost every other supplier in the market, it was decided that Kudos would not sell multiple brands and claim to offer a ‘Best of Breed’ solution from the whole market. In our experience, the simple truth is that most of these resellers just supply the devices that make the optimum profit for the sales person, very rarely will the customers requirements be the top priorityin this situation. 
So, Kudos decided to commit to one brand and become real experts in their portfolio of products and solutions and offer outstanding service and value for money. 
Once it was decided that this was the best way forward there was only ever going to be one manufacturer that we could do this with, and that is HP. 
A3 Colour Copier Leicester

Why HP? 

HP are very different to all of the other vendors in the market. 
For a start, they come from an IT background, which means that they think differently, which is why they are so more advanced than all of the other vendors regarding Security. 
They have also evolved from a printer background, rather than a Copier company, this makes a big difference in terms of reliability and serviceability. 
It also has to be said that they appear to have the best R&D team in the industry, who are creating some of the most stunning products and technology, like PageWide, at the moment. 
For more information on Kudos or HP please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  
Our average customer saving on HP A3 MFP's this year has been 73% 
*Based on discounts from HP's RRP on all A3 sales up until 1st October 2018 


What has Security got to do with MPS? 
The modern equivalent of the old photocopier now has a hard drive, a screen, an operating system, network access and even internet access. 
That sounds just like a PC, doesn’t it? 
So why isn’t it treated like a PC when we start to look at security policies? 
Many now regard this as one of the most vulnerable devices on the network


It’s never been more important to think about the environment than now. 
The amazing TV programme ‘Blue Planet’ from the BBC has inspired a generation to take the correct actions to address some of our poor environmental habits, from carrier bags and drinking straws right the way through to the way that vehicles are powered and the way that we generate energy.  
To find out more about our views on Sustainability and the Circular Economy, please click below. 


All of the products around us are changing so fast these days, and the humble copier and printer are not immune to these technological advances. 
The technique used for fusing toner onto paper inside laser printers and copiers hasn’t changed much in the last 75 years. That is until HP introduced the PageWide Product family which is set top revolutionise office printing and copying in the same way that it has done for Web Presses, Large format printing and more recently with 3D printing. 
For further details on how you can increase speed, improve quality and reduce your environmental footprint whilst saving money please click here. 
A3 Colour Photocopier Leicester
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