The Difference 

So What Can Kudos Do For You? 

We have three decades of experience in the MPS market. And over that time have worked, in some shape or form with most of the manufacturers in this specialisation, but most notably with Xerox, Ricoh Lexmark and HP. 
When we decided to launch Kudos we had many options available to us, but we didn’t want to do what everybody else is doing. It would have been really easy to set up as an MPS reseller that sells multiple brands and like the rest make a claim that you offer a ‘Best of Breed’ solution. But that would make us the same as almost every other MPS reseller in the market, and the truth is that most of these businesses are a “Jack of All Trades and a Master of None”. 
Plus, more often than not, their proposed solution will be governed by which vendor is giving them the biggest discount so that the sales person makes the optimum profit. 
In our experience, very rarely will the customers requirements be at the top of their priority list. 
So, the alternative for us was to commit to one brand and become real experts in their portfolio of products and solutions and offer outstanding service and value for money. 
Once we had decided that this was the best way forward there was only ever going to be one manufacturer that we could do this with, HP. 

Why HP? 

HP are very different to all of the other vendors in the market. 
For a start they come from an IT background, which means that they think differently, which is why they are so more advanced than all of the other vendors regarding Security. 
They have also evolved from a printer background, rather than a Copier company, this makes a big difference in terms of their expectations relating to reliability and serviceability, which we are now seeing with SDS. 
It also has to be said that they appear to have the best R&D team in the industry, who are creating some of the most stunning products and technology, like PageWide, at the moment. 

Why Kudos & HP? 

I hope you like a good metaphor! 
Kudos would liken HP to a Philharmonic Orchestra!! 
In our opinion they have some of the greatest musicians, best instruments and play in some of the best venues in the world (Corporate and Global Businesses), but there is a misconception that they are not interested in playing in smaller venues (SME). 
This is simply not true. 
The fact is that they do not have enough conductors (Account Managers) to cover all sectors, so they are reliant on channel partners to deliver their message. The problem is that many of those channel partners are the ones that I described earlier, who will typically push other products ahead of HP's because they make a little bit more profit. 
I know that some of you will be reading this and thinking that this is great, but, metaphorically, my business requires a Three piece Hard Rock band, or an Acoustic Country duo. 
However, I can tell you that Kudos have had the experience of conducting the HP orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall (still metaphorically), and know from experience that these musicians are so talented that they can turn their hand to any type of music in any sized venue. 
If you are still following the metaphor, you will be pleased to hear that we can also do tribute acts, where we will pick up the servicing of existing Xerox, Lexmark and Canon devices. It has been said on more than one occasion that our tribute act was better than the original! 
If nothing else we hope that our metaphor has made you smile! 
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